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Leading trends in furniture and interior decoration in Portugal since 1999, Antarte is a Portuguese brand born under the sign of their own design. It is from the largest furniture producing center in Portugal, Rebordosa /Paredes that Antarte established itself as modern, competitive and dynamic brand, able to anticipate market trends and leading design.

All furniture is manufactured exclusively in Portugal, in our own plant, and designed by a team of experts, whose originality distinguishes Antarte from other producers and traditional industry. All Antarte's design has a unique signature.

The brand offers a wide range of collections that share three core values ??- comfort, elegance and quality. While cruising Art and Design with advanced technologies, the proposals of Antarte respond to more demanding standards of domestic and international markets. Our team works to surprise the customer with innovation, dedication and quality assurance.

Present in mainland Portugal and Madeira, with thirteen national spaces, and in six international markets - Antarte ensures a close relationship with its costumers, focusing first and foremost on completly free projects of interior design , providing customized environments and tailored results to each customer. Turning dreams into reality for its customers is the goal of the brand, which aims to materialize all that you dare to idealize. Antarte designs produces and distributes its products, while thinking of our customer's lifestyle.

True to the brands signature "Design for Your Life", Antarte remains committed to providing the most innovative trends in authentic pieces with an exclusive signature.


During his visit to Porto Benedict XVI will rest in a chair built in ANTA...


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