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The terms of warranty against defective products are:

- Free after sales service when the product has manufacture or finishing defects, transportation or other damage. In certain situations it is possible to replace the dfective product for a new furniture piece, or repair it in a short time.
- The following defects have no warranty:
- Improper or negligent use of the piece of furniture, which may cause irrecoverable damage. We consider that it is advisable to take reasonable care of your furniture;
- Avoid contact of the furniture piece with water/ humidity, heat and grease;
- Do not expose the furniture to high humidity and temperature variations;
- Due to oxidation of finishing products the color of furniture changes over time;
- Normal wearing of furniture and natural variations occur in wood, textiles and leather;
- Other acts, which includes the piece of furniture replacement.

Products that are not covered by Antarte’s lifetime warranty:

- Mattresses (please consult the terms of mattresses warranties in our stores);
- Furniture fittings (covered by a two years warranty);
- Textiles and other accessories (two years warranty when purchased in our stores);
- Sofas and chairs (two years warranty);

Products on display in our stores for sale and direct delivery:

- Antarte offers no warranties to furniture on display in its stores concerning the aspects of the products which already benefit from special discount due to their state of preservation.

All other warranty terms already mentioned are valid.
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