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Instructions for maintenance and cleaning of furniture

Instructions for adjustment and cleaning
This instructions manual was designed so that all our customers can ensure the proper preservation state of Antarte furniture through good readjustment and cleaning practices.

Drawers Ticking
If by any chance you notice that the ticking of the drawer is not working properly, please check the following:
1. If the drawer is placed on the slide (eg. 1);
2. Remove the drawer and make sure the slides are working properly (eg. 2);
3. If you find any irregularity ask one of our stores (Antarte Furniture) or by our e-mail for a slide spring to replacement (eg. 3);
Irregular clearances:
In the event of irregular clearances between the drawers (eg. 4), open the drawer and turn the piece (light gray) that is at the bottom of the drawer in order to obtain the desired readjustment (eg. 5).

Doors hinges Ticking

If you notice irregularities in doors clearances, which usually occur when the piece of furniture is moved from one floor to another, you must follow the procedure illustrated in (eg.6);

Doors Ticking
If you detect irregularities in the door ticking system, check:
1. If the piece placed on the door and lid is fixed and well placed (eg. 7);
Verify if the latch of the lid part is in good performance (press and hold, press and open) (eg.8);

Maintenance KIT (Ask in our Antarte stores or by email)
The maintenance kit can be used in the recovery of minor furniture piece damage.
How to touch up the furniture:
1. Small touch up - use felt marker nr. 4 (cherry) and nr. 10 (coffee), meant for small touches in order to match the color. These markers must be handled carefully.
2. Significant touch up - apply coffee or cherry Bitumen with help of spatula in areas the of furniture piece with dent. The bitumen will help to homogenize the furniture surface.
3. Super color equalizer - Super equalizer is applied to the last stage of repair, being used in small quantities in a dry cloth (the cloth should not be moistened with super equalizer);
You should pass the cloth in the area where the retouching took place;
Then we pass a dry cloth so that the gloss left on the application of liquid can be removed;

The use of maintenance kit does not warranty the repair of any damage. In case of any doubt you should seek advice from an Antarte specialist.
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